Writing a query letter for a fantasy novel ideas

And I did it using this query letter, which also got me twelve full manuscript requests and a handful of partial requests from big name agents who represent NYT best sellers, books adapted into film and TV shows, etc. But, unlike many other writers, she went one step further.

Or perhaps you work as a journalist or copywriter. Preserve your honour. Popular among fantasy fans, the sequel has already been released with more on the way. If so, revise to make it more concise, orderly, and organized.

Official query letter sample

Now get writing! Looking for a query letter review? While I was waiting, I wrote six more novels. Chicken Book for the Soul sold million copies. Also, use white paper. Or better yet, get an endorsement from a famous author who will make that claim for you. I enclose the first three chapters and a synopsis. In a query letter, you have to make do with just a few lines.

However, a query is a business document and as such should look like a formal one-page business letter. Sam started researching agents inbegan querying in lateand got her agent in mid We offer outstanding editorial help and you can read all about it here.

I am looking for a publisher who will commit fully to the series. Check with the submission guidelines for specifics. Rock your world-building. Or you might have won or been shortlisted for a major short story prize.

And truthfully?

fantasy query letter
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How to Write a Successful Query Letter (Example and Template)