Writing a vision statement for ministry

Vision for ministry

You should take the time to have serious discussions with your leaders, your volunteers and maybe even people outside of your youth ministry, like the board, parents, etc. Jeremiah as a prophet Jer Even if you share a vision, always put it into your own words. And VISION is a picture of that preferred future — what would it look like if we made progress in fulfilling our mission? Communicate, communicate repeat Once the mission statement for your youth ministry is definitive, the biggest challenge is to communicate it. Free "State-of-the-Church" E-Book. They will be called mighty oaks, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.

It seemed as though you needed an MBA just to write a proper mission statement! This is why clear thinking about mission is crucial to good leadership: it helps you clarify what things YOU need to do, and what things you need to empower OTHERS to do.

Writing a vision statement for ministry

We dream of thousands of spiritually distant Omaha residents coming to love and follow Jesus as Christians naturally express the gospel in their relational circles. Our mission statement explains why WE exist — what specific contribution our church is seeking to make to the overall mission of God. That means that we exist as part of the Christian ministry community in Canada and that there is some particular way the Lord intends us to help the church fulfill its mission. We think it actually matters. What sorts of things would we see? They are cluttered with jargon and meaningless terms. The purpose of a church vision statement is to keep you heading in the right direction as you lay the groundwork for the future of your church. The starting place for discerning that purpose is to ask how people came to be associated with your ministry, since God calls people, not organizations. What do you need to rethink, change, or adapt?

What do people agree on? Given that we are a support to frontline ministries, can you describe the difference that you think God created us to make? What would you hope to say that it accomplished?

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As an example, I believe that we must demonstrate just as much care for the smallest ministry as we do for the largest. In an earlier post we already discussed why your youth ministry needs a mission statement.

Developing a vision for your church

But if you stay focused on your mission — and help empower other agencies, leaders, and causes to fulfill their mission — then it really is feasible to see large-scale renewal in a city or population. They will be called mighty oaks, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. Therefore, we approach the work of mercy and justice as a means of making disciples and planting churches. What about a vision statement? Most mission statements also express the core values of the organization or in your case: youth ministry. Vision A vision statement always propels us towards the ideal. Your mission is what you do. You may start with one, which will shape the other. When we hear it, do we know what success looks like? This information provides insight and context as you develop the strategic statements. Over time, aspects of your mission may be accomplished, so you move on to something else.

Quite simply, clarifying your mission and vision can help you raise more money, engage more people in your ministry, and help you be more effective. Coram Deo Church exists… remember the question we began this post with — what are we here to do?

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Without a plan, the best ideas are only dreams A Bain and Company study discovered organizations that have clearly defined Vision and Mission statements that are aligned with a strategic plan outperform those who do not.

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