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Walruses use their tusks to fight each other and to attract females.

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Their long tusks are useful in many ways. All rights reserved Walruses have wrinkled brown and pink skin, long, coarse whiskers, flat flippers, and lots of blubber on their bodies to keep them warm in the cold Arctic water.

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This helps prevent heat loss but also makes the walrus appear almost white. View Images Check out where walruses live.

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Related Posts:. They are social animals and gather in large groups. They live in very cold places near the North Pole.

Walrus used to be hunted for their ivory tusks, blubber for oil and skins.

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They live in very cold places near the North Pole. Walruses spend half their time on land and the other half in water. Walrus do not go further than 30 km off the coast. Walrus tusks can grow up to 3 feet long. Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures in this video from National Geographic Kids. View Images Check out where walruses live. These are ready-to-use walrus worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about this cinnamon-colored gentle giant which is called a walrus. Calves are grey to brown in color and weigh about pounds at birth. They use their rear limbs to propel, while the front limbs work like rudders for steering. Humans are no longer allowed to hunt walruses. They gather by the hundreds to sunbathe on ice floes and beaches. Continue Reading. They can weigh up to 4, pounds Walrus whiskers are called vibrissae.
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Walrus Facts, Worksheets, Habitat, Diet, Appearance & Offspring For Kids